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Farrow Wrap

Daily compression wrapping is a critical part of the treatment and management of lymphedema. Many lymphedema patients, however, find it incredibly difficult to properly wrap their legs consistently. This often leads to patient noncompliance and eventually causes their lymphedema to worsen with increased complications, swelling, draining wounds, more infections and substantially increased pain.

A new product recently developed and marketed provides a helpful solution to this situation.

The product is called the Farrow Wrap. From the feedback we have had in several of our lymphedema groups and in the main forums section of Lymphedema People, I give this new product a solid recommendation and two thumbs up.

For a complete description and product line, please visit the Farrow Medical Innovation website below.


Wade Farrow MD, CWS, FCCWS

Dr. Wade Farrow received his Bachelor in Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Tennessee in 1994 and graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 1998. He was an Otolaryngology surgery resident at UT Southwestern from 1998 to 2000 but left residency to pursue his passion for medical devices. Dr. Farrow worked as a biomedical engineer for Ball Semiconductor and later for Medtronic, where he was promoted to Manager of Business Development and Technology.

Dr. Farrow returned to clinical practice and is a Certified Wound Specialist and Fellow of the College of Certified Wound Specialists. He is Medical Director of The William P. Fife Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at College Station Medical Center - 1605 Rock Prairie Road, Suite 102 - College Station, TX 77845 - Ph: 979-764-4325 and Fx: 979-764-4345.

Farrow Medical Innovations

Farrow Medical Innovations 801 N Bryan Ave Bryan, TX 77803 (979) 822-9120, ext 301 Fax (979) 775-5202 Tel: 1-877-417-5187

Farrow Medical

Offers: Garments and compression aids

The Farrow Wrap ™ for Lower Extremity Edema Management

L. Smith, University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center, V. Allbright, K. Swaby, Memorial Hermann Center for Wound Healing, Houston, TX, C. Fife, University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center


Successful use of gradient compression stockings is negatively affected by obesity, irregular limb contours, osteoarthritis and other numerous other conditions. Also compression garments may not provide adequate compression when edema is severe. An alternative device, the FarrowWrap™ (Farrow Medical Innovations Inc.,Bryan, TX) has been developed. This device is a semi-custom made legging consisting of elastic straps with Velcro closure. It is fitted according to the patient’s calf, ankle, and foot circumference.


Patients undergoing treatment who were felt to be poor candidates for compression stocking use were placed in FarrowWraps. We surveyed patient compliance and satisfaction in these patients. Assessment of edema control was done by measuring leg circumference and comparing to measurements taken prior to starting the FarrowWrap. An adapted Langley-Porter physical self maintenance scale questionnaire was completed by each patient to assess any diminished capacity for self care.


Follow-ups were done from 10 days to 12 months 10 physical self maintenance scale questionnaires were obtained All patients reported compliance with daily wearing of the FarrowWrap. All expressed satisfaction with ease of use of the product All patients demonstrated stable or reduced leg edema Physical self maintenance scale score was below normal in 50% of patients.

Case Studies

74 year old black female, venous stasis for 8+ years, treated with manual lymphatic drainage and compression bandaging. Placed into compression stockings and discharged from therapy. At follow-up 1 year later, swelling had returned to pre-treatment levels due to the patient’s inability to apply conventional compression stockings.

Prior to FarrowWrap –Calf (Left) 61.5cm; (Right) 53 cm 1 month FarrowWrap – Calf (Left) 50cm; (Right 48.5 cm

74 year old white female, chronic secondary lymphedema for 5 years, hypothyroidism, HTN and obesity. Treated with manual lymphatic drainage and compression bandaging. Placed in compression orthotic. At follow-up 10 months later, swelling was worse due to weight gain and lack of compliance.

Prior to Farrow Wrap- Calf (Left) 43 cm —–(Right) 43 cm Prior to Farrow Wrap Ankle (Left) 25cm —- (Right) 24.7 cm

1 month Farrow Wrap – Calf (Left) 42 cm – (Right) 42 cm 1 month Farrow Wrap – Ankle (Left) 25 cm – (Right) 25.5 cm


This preliminary clinical evaluation shows that in patients who are poor candidates for compression stockings, the FarrowWrap provides a reliable alternative alternative for lower leg edema control..rmation

What is a Farrowwrap?

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