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Lymphedema Sleeves

The first type of compression garment used in the treatment and management of lymphedema is the compression bandage. After successful treatment and limb reduction, the patient then moves onto compression stockings.

The final type of compression apparel worn by lymphedema patients is generally referred to as a sleeve and is used in both arm lymphedema and leg lymphedema.

These garments made especially for lymphedema are much heavier duty then the traditional stocking or the compression bandage. Many people wear them at night as a substitution for wrapping. They are also helpful for people who are unable to do the bandage wrapping.

Other benefits to these sleeves is that they can help break down areas of fibrosis (tissue hardening) and can help not only in maintaining the size of a limb, but in actually decreasing its size by assising in the removal of fluids. The newer and improved products are even designed to where they match the lymph flow pattern of the body, thereby increasing fluid movement.

At the NLN’s medical convention in 2006, I tried an arm sleeve on my left arm which was made by Tollesto MedTech and was absolutely amazed at how much fluid it moved out of my arm just in the 15 mintues I had it on.

Fitting is actually done by a therapist certified in the particular garment they fit you with. For example a Reid Sleeve would be fitted by an individual trained and/or certified for that particular product. This is critical as a poor fitting sleeve can cause extensive skin irritation and may wind up causing even more swelling dur to inflammation.

In this section there will be descriptions and uses of various lymphedema garments, sleeves and wraps. As is possible, I am trying to include clinical trials. Otherwise, information will be based on manufacturer information. There are direct links to each of the manufacturers home web site so you can view actual products, learn about measuring and fitting.

Inclusion in this list is for information only and does not mean I either endorse or promote one over the other. This will be a discussion between you, your doctor and your lymphedema therapists in deciding which one is best for you.

Also, I would normally include images of the products, but have omitted them in this page due to the direct product links that are listed.

If visitors and members know of other companies that offer these type of products and would like to have them included in the page, please email me with the company information.


Insurance Codes

  • L0100-L4398 Orthotics
  • L2999 Lower Limb Orthosis, not otherwise specified
  • L3999 Upper Limb Orthosis, not otherwise specified
  • L4205 Repair of orthotic device, labor, per 15 minutes
  • L4210 Repair of orthotic device, repair or replace minor parts
  • L5000-L5999 Lower Limb
  • L6000-L7499 Upper Limb
  • L8000-8490 Prosthetics
  • L8010 Mastectomy Sleeve, Ready-Made
  • L8100-L8239 Elastic supports
  • L8100-8195 Elastic Supports, elastic stockings various lengths & weights
  • L8210 Gradient compression stocking, custom made
  • L8220 Gradient compression stocking/sleeve, Lymphedema, Custom
  • L8239 Gradient stocking, not otherwise specified. Carrier discretion.
  • S8420 Gradient pressure aid (sleeve and glove combination), custom made
  • S8421 Gradient pressure aid (sleeve and glove combination), ready made
  • S8422 Gradient pressure aid (sleeve) custom made, medium weight
  • S8423 Gradient pressure aid (sleeve) custom made, heavy weight
  • S8424 Gradient pressure aid (sleeve) ready made

Lymphedema Sleeve Manufacturers Vendors and Articles

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Unna's boot vs polyurethane foam dressings for the treatment of venous ulceration. A randomized prospective study

CircAid® Measure-Up™ Arm Sleeve

The CircAid® C-3 Wrap

Thigh-High 2000™

The Graduate™ Thigh-High

CircPlus™ II Ankle-Foot Wrap

Clinical Studies Circaid

Directional Flow Compression Systems

Sleeve-like units filled with hundreds of foam chips, designed with a unique channeling system to help direct the lymphatic flow to alternate pathways and bypass the areas of obstruction. This system is should be used under short-stretch bandages, with a pneumatic compression pump or under an outer compression unit.

Additional Circaid Products

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Jobst Elvarex® custom lymphedema garments

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