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Oscillation Therapy

There is a new treatment modality that is hitting the lymphedema world. It is called oscillation therapy.

Classified as an alternative or complementary medical treatment, it was originally marketed as a treatment tool for muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory action, wound healing and skeletal injuries.

It’s use and claims by the manufacturers has now expanded into many other conditions and ailments, including pain management and lymphedema. Don't be misled by those who are proponents of oscillation therapy.

It is important for the lymphedema patient to be aware of the fact, there are NO clinical studies that verify the treatment claims of oscillation therapy. I was able to find only one article written by lymphologists regarding its use and have included it below. Understand, this was not a double blind clinical study and this is essential before we can give it an endorsement.

The article was written in 2005 and there has been nothing added since then. If and when there are updates, I will make them immediately available.

Information provided below is for educational purposes only. Inclusion of the information does not in any manner constitute an endorsement by the author/editor of this page.

Please consult and work with your personal physician before undertaking any treatment the they do not prescribe.

Until studies are conducted that prove it efficacy, I personally can only say “buyer beware.”


Today is Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2011 and I have revised this page with only one new abstract I could find. There are no further independent, clinical studies available.

What is Oscillation Therapy?

*Dear Readers, I have deleted much of this page due to the fact the main manufacturer of the process originally spoken in this article is quite angry and resentful about having their product called into question. I guess, we with lymphedema are simply supposed to shut up and fork over our money. So much for a product that is supposed to be helpful to patients and a company that cares.*

At this point I can only say that I certainly would not trust them nor would I want their so called therapy.

Jan. 5, 2013

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