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Sand Between My Toes

I am currently down in Avon, North Carolina for the week and today for the first time since my diagnosis with lymphedema over 2 years ago I walked on the beach, which is my favorite place on this earth. Boy did I enjoy walking along with the water lapping at my toes, squishing my toes in the sand. picking up seashells, walking in the wading ponds created by the surf.

My Hubby said he has not seen me this happy in a long time and he enjoyed just watching me.

We planned this trip so it was not too hot, in the 70s-low 80s so I'll be able to stay outside

most of the week. We will be fishing on piers, the surf, collecting seashells…. We rigged up a rod awhile back that makes it easier for me to reel in fish and if the fish is too big for me to get in, then I'm okay letting my husband do it.

When I'm in the house we are staying in then I wear my reid sleeves so that I can maybe be without my compression hose at another point during the day.

I just wanted to share this with everyone because I know we all write on these boards about our questions, vent some, and offer suggestions as well and I know I feel good when others tell me about their accomplishments and I wanted to share about being able to find a way to get back to my favorite place on the beach– the new way which works for me and now makes me happy.

I left the suntanning beach bum behind right before I was diagnosed because it made my swelling worse, but finding a new way to enjoy the beach and water is okay because it makes me happy today, right now, which is the best way I live–in the NOW!!!

Please remember to find your way back to whatever made you happy before your diagnosis or find something new by trying different things.

Catch you all later—back to my gorgeous view from this amazing house, with my coffee and a smile!

From one of our members: “Gottahavesun”

October 9, 2006

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